12 companies in India offering time off for their employees


We live in a world where talking about menstruation is considered taboo. Girls learn to keep their rules hidden from the outside world, and unfortunately men and society fail to recognize the excruciating pain. However, with the advent of social media, a lot of women, media organizations, individual blogs have started to address the issue and this has led to the acceptance of talking about menstruation and the difficulties associated with it.

Through a wider discussion and acceptance of the issue, two Indian organizations decided to grant paid leave to their employees.

However, India is not the first country to consider periodic leave for female staff. In fact, in many countries like Japan, South Korea and Italy menstrual leave is part of the leave policy for employed women. Today in India, many companies are following in the footsteps of these countries and allowing employees to take a day or two off during their period:

1. Swiggy


Online food delivery company Swiggy has taken a unique initiative for its female food delivery partners. Swiggy announced periodical leave for female employees two days per month. The company said it has given the option of a “two-day no-questions-asked monthly paid vacation policy to all of our regular delivery partners.”

“The discomfort of being on the road during menstruation is probably one of the most underrated reasons many women don’t view childbirth as viable labor. To help them overcome any challenges related to menstruation, we have introduced a no-questions-asked, two-day monthly leave policy for all of our regular birth partners. This unprecedented initiative in the industry gives our women DE the opportunity to be absent voluntarily during their menstrual cycle and to be eligible for a guaranteed minimum income during this period, ”said Mihir Shah, vice president of operations at Swiggy in a recent blog post.

2. Cultivation machine

In July 2017, Culture Machine, a Mumbai-based digital media startup made headlines when the company broke good news for its female employees and allowed them to take a day off on the first day of their period. The company was inspired to adopt this policy by one of its video channels, Blush, which focuses on women’s issues and empowerment.

3. Mathrumbi

Companies in India that offer a period of leave

In 2017 after the Mumbai-based startup, Culture Machine, a Malayalam media organization Mathrubhumi allowed its employees stay home on the first day of their menstrual cycle. Mathrubhumi senior management said the decision by Culture Machine prompted them to come up with such a policy.

“It was a revelation, as the line workers have stressful jobs and work irregular hours. They often work extended hours. We need to understand that during menstruation they can grind their teeth to control pain. Don’t think of it as sympathy; it’s more about understanding women, ”company co-CEO MV Shreyams Kumar told The Times Of India.

4. Magzter

Companies in India that offer a period of leave
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In July 2017, another company followed Culture Machine’s FOP leave policy. Chennai-based digital magazine platform Magzter has announced that its employee takes one paid day off per month on the first or second day of her period.

“The situation is more difficult for working women in India because more often than not they are unable to freely discuss their periods or the pain they experience each month with their male colleagues,” said the co-founder and CEO of Girish Ramdas, Magzter. . “We want to avoid those old world taboos that demean women and their physiological needs and also make it a common topic that women shouldn’t feel awkward about – just like taking a day off for a cold or a cough and there is nothing wrong with that as is normal, ”Ramdas said.

5. Wet and dry

Companies in India that offer a period of leave
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New Delhi-based manufacturer of feminine hygiene products, Wet & Dry Personal Care, has started allowing its employees to take two days off during their menstrual cycles.

“Based on medical recommendations, we offer two days off per month to our employees. This is to make sure they are comfortable and don’t have to endure pain during their tenure, ”said W&D CEO Pankaj Garg. Women can also take paid leave and work from home, the company said.

6. IndustryARC

Companies in India that offer a period of leave
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Hyderabad-based market research and strategic consulting start-up IndustryArc has launched a menstrual policy, which allows their employees to take a paid day or two during their period. However, politics also comes with a catch. Employees should compensate for the time off later and complete the pending work later!

“Our company aims for equal opportunities for growth, regardless of gender. This therefore led us to take a critical look at the problems faced by women and the effects of their daily tasks. Although it took us some time to understand, understand and implement this policy, we are proud of the work they have done and want to make them understand that we stand behind them no matter what. I hope that our small company can promote the change of workplace rules nationally and internationally, ”said Chaitanya Kumar, CEO and co-founder.

7. Zomato

Companies in India that offer a period of leave
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Founded in 2008, based on Gurugram Zomato is one of the best-known companies in India, with more than 5,000 employees, last year allowing its employees to take 10 days of paid vacation per year during the period. This will help the employed women to maintain continuity in their work.

Deepinder Goyal, founder and CEO of zomato announced this via email to his employee. He wrote: “There should be no shame or stigma attached to asking for periodic leave,” “You should feel free to tell people in internal groups or emails that you are on periodic leave for the day. “, he added. .


Companies in India that offer a period of leave
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In a bid to tackle the stigma surrounding menstruation, in 2020, in the footsteps of Zomato, a Surat-based digital marketing company iVIPANAN said he would give 12 days off per year to female employees.

“With the aim of providing a healthier and happier working environment, we are announcing a paid monthly leave for the menstrual cycle for all female members of our team starting today (Sunday) with immediate effect”, a wrote Bhautik Sheth, the founder of iVIPANAN in an email. to its employees. “We continue to think about how we can make our team more comfortable, how can we make the work environment friendly, how can we make the work environment healthy and friendly”, he said. he adds.

9. Gozoop Online Pvt Ltd

Companies in India that offer a period of leave
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Another company in the same league and one of the first companies in India to implement this policy. Gozoop, a digital marketing organization that allowed all employees to take paid leave on the first day of their period. It was initiated by Culture Machine, a Mumbai-based digital entertainment machine, and then taken over by Gozoop.

10. News from the horse stable

Companies in India that offer a period of leave
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Startup Horses Stable News based in Bengaluru with 60% women and 40% men employed to break the menstrual taboo and allow her employee to take two days off with pay and offer a stipend of Rs 250 to help relieve stress during this specific period. time and called it ‘Nay to Yay’.

“It is undeniable that women face severe pain and cramping during their menstrual cycle and for the female workforce it becomes very difficult. The implementation of the menstrual leave policy should not be qualified. Our goal is to provide equal opportunities for the growth of men and women, “said Saloni Agarwal, co-founder of Horses Productions.

“We are more than happy to implement this initiative in our company and in doing so we wish to inspire other organizations to adopt this policy as a step towards gender inclusion. With this initiative, I hope to break the menstrual taboo, ”she added.

11. FlyMyBiz

Companies in India that offer a period of leave
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In the last week of December 2018, FlyMyBiz, a Kolkata-based digital media company, announced a New Year’s gift that almost every female worker in the country wants and it was a period of paid time off. Samyo Datta, Founder and CEO of FlyMyBiz, said: “All women employed in my company will get extra time off each month. This means that from January 2019, they will have twelve public holidays as their period goes away in addition to their other holidays. “

“There are around 12 female employees in the company and all of them welcomed the move. Male employees also welcomed the initiative of the company,” said Datta.

12. Byju’s

BYJU S Co-founder Divya Gokulnath

India’s leading educational app, Byju’s, allows its employees to take up to 12 Periodic Leave (PEL) per year. Each month, a PEL will be credited; and salaried women can either take one day off each month or have two half-days off.

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