A construction company is the #1 mid-sized company in the best places to work for 2022

Bradbury Stamm Construction, which has more than 150 employees in New Mexico and more than 250 in two states, is a place employees tend to stay as a career, according to CEO Cynthia Schultz.

And it’s a place that employees say allows them to grow freely.

Bradbury Stamm ranked first in the mid-sized business category for Best Workplaces. This is the ninth year overall and the seventh year in a row that the company has been ranked among the best places to work.

“I have the ability to make big decisions on my own,” one employee said, according to a survey by Energage. “I feel like I’m trusted and counted on to do a great job rather than being told how to do it. I’m glad Bradbury is giving freedom to its employees and not doing of micromanagement.

“I am given the freedom, resources and confidence to make decisions that allow me to be effective.” said another employee.

The following is an excerpt from an interview with Schultz, comments from which have been edited and condensed for length and clarity.

How would you define the workplace at Bradbury Stamm?

“We have a good number of multi-generational employees to some extent. You know, the team members where they had an uncle or, you know, a dad or something (which worked here). And so, I think that made things stronger for the company.

“I think we have an environment where everyone is ready to step in for everyone. I think not all companies have that. And we really strive to have people who have that kind of attitude – kinda whatever it takes to be there for each other. …

“And so we allow them to go do what they know how to do and not get in their way.”

What challenges has the company faced in the past year?

“The construction is a bit unique. We were still working during the pandemic. … I think what we’re facing – what every industry is facing right now – is just, you know, kind of a loss of expertise with retirements.

“The work environment changes a bit – the level of stress that people want to have. They’re balancing their lives, which is a really good thing. …

“Everyone is strapped for resources, so we need to do a better job of being efficient, thoughtful and helpful in this environment, which has made a small difference.

COVID, we can talk forever. Unfortunately, there (could) be another wave or whatever, and we’ll have to work through that. But these things are somehow controllable. “

What future for Bradbury Stamm?

“Well, I can tell you I’m really excited when I look at our team. I imagine where we’ll be in five years and 10 years. And I think we’re lucky to have members of the team who could do a lot with the company – if they wanted to – and where we’re growing and what we’re doing.

“Specifically, right now we’re really trying to make sure that we continue to be focused on serving the entire state. Every community needs a great builder. And right now, when resources are limited, it’s very easy to just focus on where it’s easier to work and some of those things.

“Here, in the short term, we want to make sure that these communities continue to build their projects – and build them well and thoughtfully.”

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