At the panchayat of Manesar, call for an “economic boycott” of Muslim traders

A panchayat held Sunday at a temple in Haryana’s Manesar, claiming to represent “Hindu society”, called for an economic boycott of “Muslim traders and vendors”.

Several speakers alleged that many juice shops and salons run by Muslims in the area bore “Hindu names and names of Hindu deities” as part of a conspiracy. Issue an ultimatum to the administration, the panchayat urged the gathering to form village-level committees to enforce the boycott.

Over 200 people, including members of Bajrang Dal and Vishva Hindu Parishad (VHP), took part in the panchayat. Participants also included people from nearby villages of Manesar, Kasan, Dharuhera and Gurgaon.

The members submitted a memorandum, intended for the deputy commissioner, to a magistrate on duty stating that “illegal immigrants” should be deported. “There should be an immediate investigation into this and those staying illegally should be deported. They are involved in religious conversion and strict action must be taken against them,” it read.

Several panchayat speakers called for an economic boycott of Muslim vendors, alleging that many Muslim-run juice shops and saloons in Manesar were named after Hindu deities as part of a conspiracy. (PhotoExpress)

Devender Singh, general secretary of VHP Manesar, said the panchayat had been called on behalf of the region’s ‘Hindu society’ to speak out against the growing ‘religious fundamentalism’ and ‘jihadist forces’ that have taken root in the country.

He said, “Hindus are being killed… Many Rohingyas, Bangladeshis and Pakistanis are illegally staying in Gurgaon and Manesar hiding their true identity. They have established businesses in various sectors. We gave the administration a week to investigate and identify the holders of illegal papers… How did they get their identity papers? Who funds them? It is a threat to our security. If there is no action, then Hindu society will act. Another panchayat will be convened on a larger scale and the future plan of action will be decided.

He added: “The economic boycott is the only solution. Their stores are not for business or employment…it is part of jihad. Committees must be formed in the villages which can discuss and act. We have already started this from Manesar.

Several speakers endorsed the boycott. “We must pledge not to use their services or buy products from Muslim traders. There must be a full boycott. Boycott halal-certified products. Don’t get your hair cut in their salons, don’t rent your houses to them, don’t buy fruits from their shops,” said Manish Sharma, a resident of Manesar.

Referring to the recent murders of a tailor in Udaipur and a chemist in Amravati, several speakers spoke of “retaliating in the same way” in the future if such events happened again, and taking up arms.

On whether the organizers had asked for permission, SHO Manesar Police Station Vijay Kumar said, “We have received information that the panchayat will take place. As a precaution, the staff of the

police station were delegated. The proceedings remained peaceful.

On Friday, Gurgaon police had booked the organizers of a protest, organized by members of Bajrang Dal and VHP, to demand tough punishment for the Udaipur murder defendant, for allegedly shouting abusive slogans and promoting the enmity between communities. The panchayat members demanded that the FIR be canceled and that a net voucher be given to the organizers.

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