Big Cartel tech workers demand voluntary recognition of their union

SALT LAKE CITY, December 1, 2021 / PRNewswire / – Employees at e-commerce company Big Cartel today asked their employer for voluntary recognition of their union with Local 1010 of the Office and Professional Employees International Union (OPEIU).

A vast majority of the e-commerce platform workers – including product developers, engineers, designers, support, marketing and operations staff – have signed union authorization cards and have publicly signed a letter of voluntary recognition given to Matt wigham and Eric Turner, co-founders of the company.

In their letter requesting voluntary recognition, Big Cartel employees said that “forming a union will promote transparency and collaboration, ensure fairness, increase employee well-being and retention, and add to the long list of reasons we choose to work at Big Cartel “.

Citing the company’s own stated values ​​- embracing change, empowering others, fostering bravery and people before profit – the Big Cartel Workers Union intends to use the collective bargaining process to codify and enforce these values ​​in their own workplace. Like many tech workers, Big Cartel workers unionize to improve transparency in company decision-making, to ensure fair pay and benefits on a racial and gender basis, and to ensure that workers Workplace policies are properly applied and clearly documented.

“Our company is in a period of transition and, as workers, we deserve a voice on how we move forward together,” says Lauren Fazah, who has been with Big Cartel for four years. “By organizing, we show our leaders that we are strong together, that we as workers have collective power, and we want to use it for the benefit of each other and the company as a whole.

“With the pandemic, workers have had time to reflect on the role that work plays in their lives. We have seen people in all fields of technology consider their priorities and leave when they are not met,” he said. declared Andrew Shaw, a Big Cartel employee. “We don’t want that to happen at Big Cartel. We value our colleagues and we want it to be a place people choose to stay.”

Their union is affiliated with OPEIU Tech Workers Local 1010 – a one-of-a-kind local union created by and for workers in the burgeoning tech sector.

“Outside of our company,” the request for voluntary recognition read, “we are seeing waves of change as unions form across the tech industry, including our OPEIU associates. Local 1010 at Kickstarter and Code for America. We want to be part of this movement that gives employees a say in how they work and how they are valued at work. “

The union requested voluntary recognition by Monday 6 December, and a good faith start to the first contract negotiations shortly thereafter. If recognition is denied or ignored, the union is ready to seek election to the National Labor Relations Board.

The International Union of Office and Professional Employees (OPEIU), AFL-CIO, represents more than 103,000 people working across United States, Porto Rico and Canada. Representing employees of nonprofits, tech, credit unions, hospitals, insurance agencies, colleges and universities, hotels, administrative offices and more, OPEIU s ” is committed to advancing economic justice for workers, regardless of their profession. The professional organizations and guilds affiliated with OPEIU are a diverse group that includes podiatrists, registered nurses, teachers, Minor League Baseball umpires, and helicopter pilots. The OPEIU is a subsidiary of the AFL-CIO, with 12.5 million members.

SIEP Technology Workers Union Local 1010 organizes workers for a better future through collective bargaining in their own workplaces and beyond. Local 1010 is a local union within OPEIU created and run by tech workers. Local 1010 is formed around a core of engineers, community support workers, designers, trust and security analysts, product managers, salespeople, operations specialists, administrators financials and anyone else who operates technology companies.

SOURCE Office and Professional Employees International Union (OPEIU) Tech Workers Local 1010, AFL-CIO

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