Coborn stores closed on Thanksgiving day to give workers time off


(KNSI) – Coborn’s Incorporated will close its grocery stores and other outlets on Thanksgiving Day. According to the St. Cloud Company press release, Coborn’s wants its employees to spend the holidays with their families.

Closed stores include all Coborn’s, Cash Wise, Marketplace Foods and Hornbacher’s grocery stores. Coborn-owned liquor stores, cafes, online grocery collection and delivery, car washes and warehouses will also be closed.

Self-service gas pumps at Little Dukes, Coborn’s Express and Holiday Station stores will remain open for vacationers.

Stores will close at their usual time on Wednesday, November 25 and reopen on Friday, November 26 at their usual time.

“We are grateful for the outstanding work ethic and incredible dedication our employees have shown over the past year,” said Dave Meyer, Chief Operating Officer. “Our people have a strong commitment that has not gone unnoticed, especially over the past few months, and we know our people make Coborn’s, Inc. a great place to work. We know they will enjoy vacationing with family and friends.

Coborn’s joins other companies like Walmart, Target, Best Buy and Kohls to close Thanksgiving.

Coborn’s has nearly 9,000 employees in Minnesota, North Dakota, South Dakota, Wisconsin and Michigan. Coborn also has fuel, alcohol, video, and drugstore locations.


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