Consulting firm staff detained for fraud; Man arrested for forgery to obtain bail for his clients

Indore (Madhya Pradesh): Rau police on Monday arrested an employee of a consulting firm who had perpetrated a fraud with military personnel and others on the lure of profit. Police recovered Rs 11 lakh in cash and other valuables from the accused.

Police said Pawan Tiwari had been arrested. He was the main defendant in the fraud case. The matter came to light when victim Saurabh Mishra in March this year complained that he was deceived by the accused, Pawan Tiwari, in addition to Kailash Maurya, Kapil Hardiya, Deepak Tiwari, Yagdat Sharma and seven others.

Police also seized USB drives and a laptop from Pawan after scanning which police obtained the names of other defendants involved in the case.

Police said the accused cheated a man named Ashraf from Bangaluru out of Rs 30 lakh. They also cheated an army man, Azhar, out of Rs 6 lakh on the attractiveness of the investment. They also tricked Tinku, another army man, out of Rs 1 lakh. Vina from Bengaluru also complained to Bengaluru Police that she was cheated out of Rs 6.6 lakh.

Police have so far recovered Rs 24 lakh in cash, 25 phones, 10 laptops, two vehicles, land, apartment, jewelry, 50 imported watches and debit cards with a transaction worth Rs. Rs 5 crore registered. Property worth Rs 1 cr was also seized and 24 accounts were frozen.

Man arrested for forgery to obtain bail for his clients

Crime Branch police on Sunday arrested a man who used forged documents from a house registered in his wife’s name to secure bail for his clients in court. The accused has been doing this for eight years.

Crime Branch officials said they were told by informants that some people were making fake bail pleas from a fake loan book and ledger at the district court facility and getting bail. bail for the defendants using false documents.

The police team arrested the accused Jaswant Thakur. He was surprised with three sets of photocopies of the fake house register. On the back of the pages of the photocopy of the registry, the accused had noted the names of 21 people released on bail on the basis of these false documents.

During interrogation, Jaswant told police that based on his own house, which was registered in the name of his wife, Mathurabai, bail was given to his clients.

A fake loan book in his name was confiscated.

Police arrested two bets

A joint Crime Branch and Vijay Nagar Police team raided a house in the Vijay Nagar area and arrested two youths who were betting on IPL matches.

The Crime Branch team has been informed that online cricket match betting is taking place in the Vijay Nagar area.

Acting on the information, the Crime Branch team and police from Vijay Nagar Police Station raided the scene and found that there were two people betting on IPL matches through computers. laptops and television in the house.

Police arrested Vishal Jain and Anoop. During the interrogation of the defendants, they confessed that they bet on IPL matches.

The police confiscated seven mobile phones, two laptops, an LED TV, Rs 1,20,280 in cash and a book of betting numbers.

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Posted: Tuesday April 26th 2022, 02:00 IST

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