Economic success helps boost business in the Brazos Valley, surpassing pre-pandemic levels

COLLEGE STATION, Texas (KBTX) – A new report tells businesses that the Brazos Valley is the place to be.

This has large local businesses and small businesses opening up around the area.

The co-owners of a new local business are from Houston and Austin. But, when they pictured their ax throwing business, they pictured the Brazos Valley.

“I think having a more outward, more robust community helps us build that even more. Fewer people who are a little shy about these things,” co-owner of The throwing of the cut axNick Roth, said.

But, there were also other factors for the owners.

According to the Brazos Valley Economic Development Corporation, the region has not only recovered from an economic hit during COVID-19, but has surpassed pre-pandemic economic levels. This includes Bryan College Station having the third-lowest unemployment rate in the state, with 3.4% unemployed. In 2020, unemployment in the region reached more than 8%.

But BVEDC President and CEO Matt Prochaska said the most important indication is the business cycle index. What started at 100 points 20 years ago has since grown to 219 points. Prochaska said this is most attractive to large companies interested in the area.

The Brazos Valley Economic Index has more than doubled over the past 20 years. It has also exceeded pre-pandemic levels.(KBTX)

“Our local economy in the Brazos Valley has effectively doubled, which is amazing. Many, many communities cannot say the same kind of things, but have been very lucky to live and work in such a vibrant community as the Brazos Valley,” he said.

The Cut takes up residence at the corner of George Bush Drive and Texas Avenue for just that reason.

“We wouldn’t have put it here based solely on the college and university town, but on the growth of the area,” Roth said.

Prochaska said their stats also tell them that losing students over the summer isn’t hurting business like it used to.

“We are seeing more retention of our student population and less of a decline overall, particularly in some retail sales, but also in some of our hotels and tourism,” he said.

Roth said he’s excited about the future of his new business in College Station and to see the continued growth in the Brazos Valley.

“My wife graduated from Bryan in 2003, just the difference between when she lived here until now. The populations have improved a lot whether the schools are in session or not, so growth has been a big reason why. why we came to this region.

The BVEDC collates research with the help of the Private Business Research Center to provide insight into the region for businesses that work business to business, such as the bio-corridor and factories. Prochaska said this in turn brings business opportunities to no-one in the area, such as retail and services.

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