GGRAsia – Covid-19 jab unrelated to bonus for non-gmt staff: Melco


Covid-19 jab unrelated to bonus for unmanaged staff: Melco

The Covid-19 vaccination status for “non-executive” employees of Melco Resorts and Entertainment Ltd is not a factor in deciding whether they are entitled to a discretionary bonus, the Macau gaming operator said in a statement. statement emailed Tuesday to GGRAsia, in response to our investigation.

A report by Chinese-language media outlet Allin Media released last week, citing anonymous company sources, suggested that Melco Resorts recently emailed some of its employees saying it was a factor. to be taken into account when deciding on a discretionary bonus for this year – and certain other incentives has the company achieved at least “75%” of vaccine coverage against Covid-19 for its employees in Hong Kong and Macau.

The report suggested that such an objective was a complementary policy to that of Melco Resorts. incentive system announced in May, where Macau staff vaccinated against Covid-19 would receive 1,000 MOP (US $ 125), plus the chance to enter a raffle to win one of six cash prizes valued at 1 million MOP each.

Melco Resorts did not address the specific point of whether 75 percent immunization coverage was an additional company policy.

He told GGRAsia: “Our company’s bonus system depends on a number of factors, including employee performance, the company’s business situation and key goals.

The gaming operator added: “Bonuses from non-executive colleagues are not related to [Covid-19] vaccination status.

The response did not specify whether executives were bound by such a condition for any form of inducement.

Melco Resorts’ response said, “Melco fully respects each colleague’s personal choice regarding vaccination. The health and safety of colleagues, guests and the Melco community is always our top priority. “

Officials from the Macao Novel Coronavirus Response and Coordination Center were asked about the matter during a regular press briefing on Monday.

Tai Wa Hou, director of the Conde S. Januário public hospital, said: “If the company’s incentives are appropriate, or if the company offers real benefits to the staff who do so. [get Covid-19 vaccination], we do not oppose it.

“But, in all cases, the company must respect the principle that vaccination should be a voluntary choice of employees,” Tai said, adding: “… the privacy of employees and their willingness to volunteer. must be observed. . “

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