Goldman Sachs imposes vaccines on its employees and visitors


The FDA approval also gives industry groups reason to encourage vaccinations for their members – and to lobby against legislation that could hamper those efforts. The United States Chamber of Commerce announced this month that it will require vaccines for its staff once the FDA has fully approved them. The Business Roundtable, an influential lobbying group, said on Monday it supported the mandates.

“Many companies have made the decision to impose vaccines on some or all of their employees, and we applaud their decision,” the group, led by Walmart chief executive Doug McMillon, said in a statement. “We also encourage policy makers, including at national and local levels, to support – not hinder – the ability of companies to make such a decision. “

At least three states – Montana, Texas, and Utah – that had banned vaccine requirements by law or executive order did so specifically because the three vaccines used in the United States were administered under emergency use authorizations, not full approval. Some companies, like Norwegian Cruise Line in Florida, have resisted such bans, but most have largely stayed out of the fray so far.

Over the past month, there have been signs that companies are showing an increased appetite for vaccine mandates.

As of Aug. 7, the share of job postings requiring vaccinations was up 90% from the previous month, according to job search company Indeed. Those that require vaccinations, however, still only make up a small fraction of the overall lists.

FDA clearance could also simplify negotiations with unions, whose mixed stance on mandates has contributed to a class divide among workers. On Monday, Disney World said unions representing more than 30,000 employees had accepted a mandate, citing full FDA approval, which would require workers to be vaccinated by October 22.

But the Food and Commercial Workers International, a union that represents around 1.3 million workers in grocery stores, pharmacies and meat packing plants, on Monday warned against mandates that do not did not take employee concerns into consideration.

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