Google: cloud support for early-stage startups

Google will launch new cloud features, according to a company blog, that will help support startups.

This will consist of several steps, including aligning the cloud startup program with Google for Startups. This will provide customers with a consistent experience across Google and give founders access to Google mentors, products, programs, and best practices.

In addition, the company wants to continue supporting founders who are starting out. The blog notes that founders often have a great need for various types of technology and expertise, especially early-stage startups.

The blog reports that the program will cover the first year of using Google Cloud for investor-backed startups, via Series A rounds up to $100,000.

This, according to Google, will allow companies to start developing Google Cloud for free. This will help them focus more on building their businesses.

The new offering would also make it easier for startups to access Google Cloud’s AI, ML, and analytics capabilities. This will help them gain faster access to building on cloud infrastructure.

Google says its goal is “to help startups go fast now, without creating technical debt that will slow them down later.”

Google also recently added a new “Deals” tab in its Play Store, which will help users find deals in games and apps across various categories, including travel, shopping, entertainment, and fitness.

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The feature will come with sections like “deals for apps you might like,” which helps users find deals they might like. The company said it was working with developers of several apps and games to add new offerings.

Google said the rollout is “ongoing” and will be available to more people in various countries over the year.



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