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With about two weeks until it’s officially the 2021-22 winter season, Aspen Skiing Co. is hatching a new plan to hopefully get those with spare rooms to open their homes to the myriad of employees. potentials who have not yet found accommodation.

“The program offers incentives to owners who want to rent a unit, guesthouse, ADU, mother-in-law unit or even an extra bedroom to an Aspen Snowmass employee. This incentive is only available for new leases and takes effect after November 11, ”explains the announcement.

The incentives in question are also important.

“Owners and owners who rent a room for the first time to an Aspen Skiing Company employee for the ski season can choose as an incentive either a full season pass, 10 day lift ticket vouchers or a voucher. -gift of $ 1,200 valid for any Aspen-Snowmass product, ”he continues. “This could include meals or accommodations at Aspen and Snowmass Limelight and The Little Nell hotels, ski equipment or rentals at Four Mountain Sports, ski and snowboard lessons, or one of the mountain dining options. of Aspen-Snowmass. “

This is not the first time SkiCo has launched the “Tenants for Turns” program, Vice President of Communications Jeff Hanle said Thursday, but it is the first time that the program has been as large as this one.

“We did something like this once a few years ago, not at this point. We did something called Tenants for Turns, and it wasn’t that elaborate or that widespread, ”he said. “I don’t mean to say that desperate times call for desperate measures – they call for creative measures to solve the problems we face, and we thought that might move the needle for some people.”

Of course, it is not only the lack of inventory that is contributing to the housing crisis in the region, it is also the price of rent on existing options. Hanle assured that there are safeguards in place to ensure that program participants do not also participate in price hikes. In order to take advantage of the incentives, a potential owner must first enter into an agreement with a SkiCo employee as a tenant.

“The fine print, basically, says you have to come to an agreement with one of our employees. We have a list of employees looking for accommodation, ”he said. “People can pay for what they can afford. We’re throwing that $ 1,200 out to get people to come up with an affordable rate for people – maybe that will push them past the finish line for them.

This is the latest initiative in a comprehensive, long-term strategic plan that SkiCo has pursued to offset the affordable housing crisis. The county’s largest employer invested nearly $ 19 million in what has become The Hub at Willits, a 53,000-square-foot apartment complex with 43 units totaling 150 beds that opened in May.

“We have made good progress in adding beds to our inventory of employee housing, but we are still overwhelmed with the issue,” said Jim Laing, director of human resources at SkiCo, in a statement. “Skiers and entrepreneurs across the valley – and, of course, customers in our resort community – all benefit when our ski areas are operated with optimal staff. We hope that this program will encourage people with a room that has not been rented in the past to rent it for a few months to an employee.

SkiCo encourages owners or interested owners to call the SkiCo Human Resources department at 970-300-7700 who will be able to match a potential owner with an employee looking for housing, as well as itemize program conditions.

“The terms of the lease will depend on the lessor and the employee, but will need to contain some basic parameters to trigger the incentive program when Aspen Skiing Company verifies the lease,” the announcement notes.

Hanle said the matching component of the program accomplishes more than facilitating rents that employees can afford – it also creates an opportunity to ensure that a potential tenant is a good fit for the lifestyle situation and of personality. Overall, the program has been months in the making.

“We saw [the housing crisis] future; we were hoping it wouldn’t be that bad, but it is, so we worked on the logistics of that, ”he said. “I hope it will be enough for some people to say, ‘You know what? I have this extra room in there, and now I have a new pair of skis.

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