Hyundai Motor Company Launches New Initiative to Support Women Drivers in Saudi Arabia


Hyundai Motor Company announced the launch of the “Hyundai Women Drive” community in Saudi Arabia.

Hyundai Women Drive is an online community that delivers engaging experiences to Saudi women through relevant content and exclusive experiences, events and rewards.

The exclusive online community aims to celebrate and connect women, empowering them to be their best by inspiring confidence, creativity and collaboration. is a one-stop digital communication hub for Saudi women with various engaging content and features.

Bang Sun Jeong, Head of Hyundai Motor Company Headquarters Middle East and Africa, said, “Hyundai Motors has always been at the forefront of supporting women-centered initiatives in Saudi Arabia. From the incitement of women to take the wheel following the historic lifting of the ban on female drivers.

“Through this initiative, we are celebrating women, who are the most powerful driving force in our lives. We want to provide continued support for the empowerment of Saudi women, as sometimes all it takes is a little encouragement, and we hope Hyundai Women Drive goes a long way.

“It will also give Saudi women the opportunity to meet like-minded women to talk about their passion for driving and their lives in general, which will create new connections and real bonds.”

The platform will host events focused on women and engage with members through exclusive initiatives that advocate for them and support their journey.

To celebrate the launch, Hyundai launched the very first Hyundai Women Festival. The exclusive virtual festival, spread over eight weeks, brings audiences different types of content in collaboration with four influencers and gives them the opportunity to win incredible rewards.

The influential celebrities will host four exciting programs throughout the festival where members can learn something new through these programs that will help them in their day to day life or even just enjoy a conversation with their peers.

Chef Hadeel Bokhari, lifestyle and beauty influencers Mashael Al Turki and Asrar Aref, as well as fashion expert Nirvana Abdul, will host a program covering cuisine, lifestyle, style and tips for the mothers.

Jeong added, “We are delighted to host the Hyundai Women Festival to celebrate phenomenal women across Saudi Arabia.

“The festival will bring together amazing and enthusiastic women from across the country for a fun experience with Hyundai. “

The public can participate in the contests of each of the programs to win several prizes and have a chance to win a “Meet & Greet” session on Zoom with the influencers hosting each of the programs.

The Hyundai Women Drive platform will feature articles covering a variety of topics such as new car launches, specials, financial offers, automotive lifestyle, driving tips, and more. It will also have an interactive space called TalkTok for women to check out Hyundai’s news feed, learn about hot topics of discussion and share their thoughts in the community by leaving their comments on the articles.

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