Immersive Tech’s Synthesis VR Company Launches Full Android Standalone/Mobile HMD Support for Location-Based VR Operators

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February 15, 2022 – XR Immersive Tech Inc.(Immersive Tech), a creator of immersive virtual reality (VR) experiences, announced that its recently acquired company Synthetic VR launched full support for all standalone/mobile Android VR headsets and XR head-mounted display (HMD) devices, including a digital rights management (DRM) solution for its network of 300+ carriers. global VR arcade and beyond.

According to Immersive Tech, this will allow VR arcade operators to expand their facilities and take advantage of the latest standalone HMDs, which will help pave the way for operators to launch next-generation standalone hardware systems based on mobile processors. Additionally, the company said it would also allow content creators to distribute their content to a wider customer base.

The extensive Synthesis VR offering provides a solution for virtual reality on PC and all Android-based standalone HMD headsets, such as Meta Quest 2, Pico Neo, HTC VIVE Focus 3 and others. The Synthesis VR platform update also includes wireless VR streaming automation. As a result, VR arcade operators can now pair HMDs to any PC and stream content wirelessly directly from a central control dashboard. This includes VR Room-Scale and Free-Roam Arena game streaming support for the HTC Focus 3 HMD starting today, with more headsets to follow.

Additionally, the company said the update will also include “Synthesis AI Engine” technology which recognizes the context of various events and performs automation tasks on behalf of operators and users.

Some of the titles available for commercial license through Synthesis VR.

The launch of full support means that Synthesis VR now offers support for location-based VR (LBVR) operators and licensed games for Android-based HMDs globally, giving them the ability to license both Room-Scale and Free-Roam content. for any hardware platform. The company noted that this will help solve a significant problem faced by arcades and entertainment centers, in which they buy standalone Android-based HMDs to use in their LBVR games, but lack the ability to handle VR sessions or to offer legally licensed content. .

Shabeer Sinnalebbe, Head of XR Networks and former CEO of Synthesis VR, said, “We are excited to start 2022 with such an important product and to support and drive the growing LBVR industry. We work with HMD manufacturers to establish open standards and solutions to benefit all parties. This latest solution demonstrates our commitment to innovation and our drive to be a leader in the VR industry as we strive to make our solutions available for all VR devices on the market.

For DRM, Synthesis VR solution supports free arena and room-scale gameplay using mobile HMDs, and perfectly matches Synthesis VR Windows DRM solution and SDK. According to the company, this is an important development as it will provide benefits to operators allowing them to take advantage of the increased use of standalone HMDs in the location-based virtual reality industry to start or grow further. their operations easily. It also means that content creators can now securely distribute and manage content across all Windows and Android headsets.

For more information on Immersive Tech and its location-based VR digital rights management solution through its Synthesis VR company, click here.

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