Increase in share capital as part of the implementation of the employee option program and underwriting results

AS Group LHV

The AS LHV Group Supervisory Board has decided to increase the Company’s share capital by €510,943. The share capital increase was triggered by the need to issue new shares to members of staff participating in the option program approved by the resolution of the general meeting of April 29, 2015. In total, 86 current and former employees of LHV participated in the show. of AS LHV Group shares, by subscribing a total of 510,943 shares for a total of 2,503,620.70 euros. The capital increase was therefore 100% subscribed by the beneficiaries of the options.

Decisions of the AS LHV Group Supervisory Board (hereinafter the Company):

  • The Company’s share capital will be increased by a maximum amount of 510,943 euros, ie from 30,059,288 euros to 30,570,231 euros.

  • As part of the capital increase, the Company will issue 510,943 new ordinary shares with a par value of EUR 1 per share. The increase in share capital and the payment of new shares will be carried out entirely by monetary contribution. The shares will be issued with an issue premium. The issue price is 4.9 euros per share, the nominal value of the share being 1 euro and the issue premium 3.9 euros.

  • The increase in share capital will not entail any specification of the ordinary shares of the Company and will not confer any particular rights. The shares to be issued as part of the share capital increase will give the right to receive dividends from the date of registration of the share capital increase in the commercial register.

  • In accordance with the resolution of the general meeting of April 29, 2015, which approved the Company’s stock option program and its basic conditions, the general managers and executive employees of the companies incorporated within the Company, as determined by the Supervisory Board of the Company and with whom the Company has concluded the corresponding option contracts (beneficiaries of options), will have the preferential subscription right to the new shares of the Company.

  • The shareholders of the Company, who are not entitled to benefit from the stock option program approved by the resolution of the general meeting of the Company of April 29, 2015, will not have any preferential subscription rights to the shares of the Company in connection with the capital increase Capitale.

  • The deadline for exercising preferential subscription rights and the deadline for subscription to shares were set at April 27, 2022. All option beneficiaries submitted their subscription forms on time and paid for the shares subscribed.

As the capital increase is 100% subscribed, there is no need to cancel unsubscribed shares.

All new shares issued by AS LHV Group under the share issue will be listed on the Nasdaq Tallinn Stock Exchange on the day following the day on which the Estonian Central Securities Register (Nasdaq CSD) ranks pari passu with the shares. issued additional temporary ISIN shares with all existing primary ISIN shares.

LHV Group is the largest domestic financial group and capital provider in Estonia. The main subsidiaries of the LHV group are LHV Pank, LHV Varahaldus and LHV Kindlustus. LHV employs over 700 people. At the end of March, LHV’s banking services are used by 337,000 customers, the pension funds managed by LHV have 135,000 active customers and LHV Kindlestus protects a total of 147,000 customers. LHV’s UK branch provides banking infrastructure to 200 international financial services companies, through which LHV’s payment services reach customers worldwide.

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