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As strict economic sanctions become more common, what can multinationals do to prepare for forced exits from countries or JVs? With record numbers of employees quitting and millions of unfilled jobs, how can boards ensure a healthy corporate culture that attracts and retains critical talent? We offer answers to these two questions in this issue of Informed advice.

You’ll also find help understanding and responding to duplicate lawsuits and demands that many companies face from shareholders claiming to enforce the company’s legal rights. And, in a podcast, three Skadden partners discuss how antitrust regulators and the SEC are using rulemaking and other powers to achieve the Biden administration’s broader social policy goals — and how they exceeded their legal mandates. Finally, two experienced directors offer advice on making boards of directors more effective.

On behalf of the company: when shareholders interfere in the meeting room
Because shareholders have unique and numerous ways to enforce rights owned by corporations, companies may find themselves defending essentially the same claims in multiple forms and jurisdictions. Here are some ways to manage proliferation.

Winning the war for talents: it is also the responsibility of the board of directors
With millions of employees quitting and millions vacancies, boards need to keep a close eye on corporate culture to ensure their companies have the talent they need to thrive.

Preparing for the unexpected: problematic partners, forced exits and extractions
Recent events have highlighted the need for multinational companies to have contingency plans to deal with the impact of geopolitical disruptions on operations and personnel. Here are ways directors can help ensure their companies are prepared.

How antitrust regulators and the SEC are advancing Biden’s broader agenda
In this inaugural episode of Informed advice podcast, Skadden partners Maria Raptis and Raquel Fox join our host Ann Beth Stebbins to discuss evolving approaches to antitrust and securities regulation in Washington. They talk about new priorities in antitrust enforcement, new disclosure initiatives from the Securities and Exchange Commission, and obstacles that could impede the development of regulatory rules.

Two directors share their lessons on building a highly functional board
DuPont’s Alexander Cutler believes that executive sessions before and after formal meetings maximize a board’s effectiveness. Boston Scientific’s Yoshiaki Fujimori recommends prudent allocation of a board’s time based on business priorities.

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