Jab or No Job XI: Supervisor says company employees have few options to avoid Biden’s unconstitutional tenure


This is the 11th in a series of stories of people being fired from their jobs because they refused to be vaccinated against Covid-19. The identity of these workers is kept confidential because they fear reprisals. More stories will be included in future editions of this series as it continues. Previous interviews in this series are listed and linked at the bottom of this story. Send your story to [email protected].

Sam is in the unenviable position of having to threaten to fire an excellent employee if she is not fully immunized or if she has an “approved” exemption on file by Dec. 8. He only has 59 days left if something doesn’t change.

When the presidential decree first came out on September 9 for government employees, federal contractors (and Sam’s company is one of them), and for companies with more than 100 employees, the Sam’s company was allowed to simply have on hand an affidavit stating the status of the employees as being vaccinated, exempted, intending to be vaccinated, or intending not to be vaccinated.

Protesters would be sacked on December 8. Rules to this effect are issued by the government agency that contracts with Sam’s business. (Sam’s real name and his business name are kept private so his story can be told.)

The first rule change took place on Oct. 5, Sam said: “They want copies of our immunization cards on file in our office, not shown or disclosed to anyone except the relevant authorities in our office. office. “

The second rule change came on October 7: “Copies of vaccination cards and copies of affidavits must be sent to contractor and agency,” which Sam considers a violation of HIPAA law. privacy law, as well as stored on site.

Sam said home Covid testing is currently acceptable as a form of testing for Covid-19, a relief for him as there are no health facilities in the rural community, and no entity is capable. to do Covid tests regularly.

“Yet there are no rules listed for what constitutes an acceptable exemption – religious or medical – and the language of the government order is threatening to anyone seeking an exemption. Requests for exemption must be approved by the contractor and the contracting organization. Approved exemptions will require ongoing testing – at employee expense after December 8, ”he said.

“Our contractor has generously offered to pay for testing so far,” Sam said. But the restrictions continue to escalate, he said.

“Our union tells us that this is not a grievance action – their contract is with our company, not the federal government, and is not limited by the collective agreement. Maybe they don’t want to embarrass their man in Washington more. They just avoid the question of whether the unions will support anyone who protests the mandate, ”Sam said.

“Orders for our union come from the AFL-CIO – the union of unions. My employee has concerns that she has had an allergic reaction to a vaccine in the past and should be granted a medical exemption, but federal authorities are simply demanding that she go to Fairbanks and get stung at a clinic nearby. ‘hospital. She has to travel at her own expense, ”Sam said.“ Our local caregiver advised her not to take the vaccine due to her concern about anaphylaxis. “

“My employee feels badly bullied and really needs to keep her job, so she has made arrangements to travel to get bitten. She is afraid for her life, her way of life and her home – all because of an unconstitutional mandate, ”he said.

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