Joining a partnership generates valuable impact and community engagement

2022 Annual Meeting Networking

The Greater Houston Partnership, along with its more than 900 member companies and organizations, is dedicated to making the Houston area the best place to live, work and build a business. From Walker to Brazoria, Liberty to Wharton, and every major Houston county in between, Partnership leaders are working together to advocate for growth, prosperity and overall economic success for all of our 12 county region.

By bringing together the region’s most dynamic and influential business leaders and providing valuable business membership, the Partnership has created a rewarding ecosystem for organizations and the community. As part of celebrating Partnership Week 2022, we asked our Implementing Partners investing in Partnership at the highest membership level to share their thoughts on how active engagement with the organization has helped to develop their businesses and the region as a whole.

Tackle key issues together

While solving the region’s most pressing problems is often difficult, solving them builds resilience and innovative adaptability. Over the years, the Partnership has developed initiatives and strategies to improve the business climate, quality of life and opportunities for all.

Chevron North America Exploration and Production President Steve Green said he appreciates the opportunity the partnership gives his company and staff to address the sustainability of the city.

“We [Chevron] partner with organizations to help the community where we operate reach its full potential. GHP is on the front lines of emerging issues affecting our business and our community. They are doing critical work to positively position Houston and advance the city’s low-carbon future,” Green said.

Starlee Sykes, bp America, Inc.’s senior vice president for the Gulf of Mexico and Canada, said the partnership’s energy transition efforts are beneficial to Houston and bp’s clean energy goals.

“The partnership shares bp’s commitment to making Houston a global leader in the energy transition – and to achieving net zero emissions by 2050 or sooner – as well as building on our current strengths to solidify this region. into a more diverse, inclusive and equitable place for all of us who call it home,” Sykes said.

The Partnership’s work through initiatives and strategies is having a major impact on the region’s workforce. These efforts continue to position our city as one of the best cities in the world. Nataly Marks, managing director, head of Houston and Central Texas region and head of beverage banking at JPMorgan Chase, said her team enjoys working with the partnership to build a better Houston.

“We have loved partnering with the Greater Houston Partnership to address key issues facing Houston…especially those that align with JPMorgan Chase’s areas of focus, including workforce training, economic development, energy transition and closing the racial wealth gap,” Marks said.

The place for business

The Partnership’s corporate culture dates back more than 180 years. Since 1840, the Partnership and the organizations that preceded it have built a community of established business leaders while fostering growth and business opportunities throughout the region.

Hina Ali, Senior Director of Marketing at Accenture, said she appreciates the opportunities the partnership creates for her colleagues and their organization.

“The Partnership has been instrumental in bringing companies and customers closer together,” Ali said. “Many of our employees have participated in various Partnership task forces and marketing initiatives, helping to build their professional networks…there’s no better way to do that than with The Partnership.”

Margaret Cooper, general manager of corporate affairs for Chevron North America, said her team finds great value in the opportunities offered by the partnership.

“For several years, our organization has benefited from the networking and connectivity provided by the Greater Houston Partnership,” Cooper said. “GHP has evolved from in-person gatherings to robust virtual events that have connected Houston’s business, academic and community leaders and provided first-hand insight into activities impacting the economic health and growth of the region.”

ExxonMobil Senior Vice President, Performance Derivatives Loic Vivier recognizes the partnership’s efforts to bring the region together and move it forward.

“What we can accomplish together far exceeds the sum of what we can do each alone,” he said. “The Greater Houston Partnership, true to its name, brings together a great crowd of people and organizations from all sectors and industries who can translate innovative ideas into impactful solutions.”

The valuable benefits and opportunities the Partnership provides to the business community create a thriving business environment for the region and member businesses and organizations. If you are a member, the Partnership appreciates your investment in the greater Houston area and in the Partnership’s mission. If you are new to the partnership, we invite you to join the vibrant and diverse community of businesses and organizations committed to driving growth and opportunity in Houston.

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