Kurtz Ersa acquires Schiller Automation

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Electronic production | November 24, 2021

The manufacturer of electronic production equipment is taking a new step in the development of its “Automation” business unit. Kurtz Ersa and Schiller Automation join forces in the global market for automation solutions in the future. Stefan Schiller, Managing Director of Schiller Automation, informed his employees about the 100% takeover of the company by the Kurtz Ersa Group.

Schiller Automation is a specialist supplier of automation solutions for the automotive and electronics industries. With this addition, Kurtz Ersa continues its strategy of providing production solutions to its customers with its three business units “Electronics Production Equipment”, “Molding Machines” and “Automation”. “Thanks to Schiller Automation’s excellent market position, existing know-how and many years of industry experience, we will significantly expand our ‘Automation’ business unit,” says Rainer Kurtz, CEO of Kurtz Ersa, in a press release. The acquired company was founded in 1978 and today is a provider of integrated automation, process and system solutions. The company focuses on assembly lines for the automotive industry and medical technology. The head office of the company, which currently has 160 employees, is located in Sonnenbühl in Baden-Württemberg, Germany. “By becoming part of the Kurtz Ersa Group with a global sales and service network and a long-term growth strategy, completely new growth and development opportunities open up for Schiller Automation in the Kurtz Ersa ‘Automation division. ‘- while at the same time ensuring job security for employees and the Sonnenbühl site, ”says Stefan Schiller, Managing Director of Schiller Automation.

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