Many Tyson Foods Employees To Receive One-Time Bonuses Of $ 300- $ 700 | Business

Tyson Foods will pay approximately $ 50 million in year-end bonuses to its frontline and hourly workers.

For team members in the US, these one-time bonuses will be based on seniority, range from $ 300 to $ 700, and will be given out starting this month.

“This is yet another way for us to thank you and to show how grateful we are for the efforts of our frontline teams to keep our mutual security, our business strong, and our world nurtured over the year. past, “said Donnie King, president and chief executive officer of Tyson Foods. “As 2021 presented many challenges, our entire Tyson team continued to tackle them, head on. “

Tyson Foods has also invested more than $ 500 million in pay raises and thank you bonuses for frontline workers over the past year. With an average hourly wage of over $ 18, plus the value of medical, dental and vision insurance, vacations and other benefits, the average total compensation of hourly team members has increased to over $ 24. per hour, or an annual value of more than $ 50,000. This does not include overtime, an option chosen by many team members, or other incentives. For example, as part of the company’s efforts to protect its U.S. workforce from COVID-19, the company paid $ 200 to fully vaccinated employees.

In addition to salary increases and signing bonuses, it offers more flexible working hours in some establishments and, as of January 1, 2022, paid sick leave. The company has opened seven health centers to give employees and their families easier access to high-quality health care, in most cases free of charge. Tyson also caters to child care needs. For example, the company recently launched a pilot project to provide access to high-quality child care to end-of-shift workers at its beef complex in Amarillo, Texas.

“Tyson wants to be the most wanted place to work, period,” King said. “Our frontline team members tell us that higher pay is important, but that’s only part of the story – they also want more flexibility and more voice over their time. In rural parts of the country, they don’t want to have to travel miles to see the doctor. Everything we do is because our team members are at the heart of our business and its future success.

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