McDonald’s locations will cut hours by 10% due to staff shortages: CEO

McDonald’s plans to reduce hours of operation in response to the lack of employees at a number of its locations in the United States. The Golden Arches, similar to many restaurants across the country, struggled to maintain a consistent employee presence during the COVID-19 surge brought on by the omicron variant. With infections reaching record highs, the fast-food chain suffered a drop in sales in late December.

Chris Kempczinski, CEO of McDonald’s Corp., who took over in November 2019, said adjusting during these times is one of many priorities for the company’s growth and well-being.

The pandemic has hurt McDonald’s thriving breakfast business after a drop in early morning commuters. It was able to rebound after US cities allowed drive-thru lanes to remain, leading to higher sales levels since September 2016. The fast food chain’s sales have returned to pre-war levels. pandemic in March 2021.


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Over the past two years, the company has forged celebrity partnerships with rappers Travis Scott and Saweetie and Korean pop group BTS. While the new menu items from these partnerships only lasted a limited time, the promotions helped boost sales beyond pre-pandemic levels.

Regarding employee safety, McDonald’s has implemented COVID testing for workers, but has no way of knowing whether or not someone has contracted the virus. Kempczinki says that should be the responsibility of a health care agency.

He also disagreed with President Biden’s attempt to make vaccination a federal mandate for big business. McDonald’s employs nearly 800,000 people.

The Supreme Court said no to the warrant earlier this week.

At a time when 2021 has been dubbed the Great Quit, due to a banner year for Americans quitting their jobs, McDonald’s is scrambling to pivot and make the necessary adjustments. Going forward, Chris Kempczinki says he will continue to plan for the company’s future, but isn’t banking on longevity as a company executive.

“I would say I’m a bit more zen about everything that goes on at work,” he says.


McDonald’s isn’t the only fast-food chain to be hit by a staff shortage as a result of COVID-19. the wall street journal reports that Shake Shack Inc. also noted its own decline in productivity in December.

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The Wall Street Journal contributed to this report.

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