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Harvest Moon received a $1 million construction grant from the state government. The company is one of 20 second-round recipients of the $20 million construction project support program. The grant will fund part of a $4.8 million expansion at Harvest Moon, which will see the construction of an onion storage facility and a fresh storage building. Harvest Moon executive director Neil Armstrong said his company wanted to grow over the past two years. “We have a new product on the shelves that people have probably seen on the shelves – a little snack carrot that’s growing at a pretty rapid rate,” Mr. Armstrong said. “We need space for the expansion of our production and packaging facilities.” Mr Armstrong said the expansion would allow the business to operate entirely from its main site in Forth. “We do a lot of long-term storage of onions, rutabagas, beets and cabbage,” he said. “Currently, most of them are stored off-site. “By building the cold room facilities, we will have better control of our production, so that we can store these products for use later in the season.” Mr. Armstrong also estimated that the expansion would see the company make 300 fewer truck trips a year between its sites. “Having everything on site makes tracking and management much easier.” places the construction project support program as part of our response to COVID,” he said. “Specifically, it’s about ensuring that we keep our economy strong and help our economy recover. put in place to recover well from the pandemic.” Jaensch also hoped the project would allow businesses to thrive, despite the pandemic. “We were concerned that Tasmanian businesses would leave their money in the bank, borrow money and put their plans to expand their business on hold,” he said, creating a void and creating effects we would feel for ages. years and years if we were to suspend investment in our economy. “We invented the Construction Project Support Scheme to reduce the risk of investing in commercial construction business and grow business in Tasmania.” Other grant recipients from the North West Building Project Support Scheme were luxury accommodation provider Our Cradle and Smithton Emmerton Park aged care facility. Emmerton Park received $1 million to build 34 new housing and communal facilities, while Our Cradle received the same amount to build a hotel and loft. Our reporters work hard to provide local, up-to-date news to the community. Here’s how you can continue to access our trusted content:


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