Order state agencies and authorities to hand over state funds supporting Russia

No. 14

E X E VS you J I V E O R D E R

Order state agencies and authorities to hand over state funds supporting Russia

WHILE, Russia has carried out an unwarranted and unprovoked attack on the sovereign nation of Ukraine;

WHILENew York State is home to the largest Ukrainian population in the United States and prides itself on the special relationship it has with the Ukrainian nation;

WHILE, New York strongly supports Ukraine and strongly condemns Russia’s actions against Ukraine;

WHILE, the state will not authorize its own investment activity, directly or indirectly, to help Russia, or any other entity, because it is committing these human rights violations and atrocities in violation of the rights of the Ukrainian people;

WHILE, this Order is a testament to the values ​​and economic strength of New York State, which has the 10and the highest gross domestic product in the world, an amount greater than that of Russia;

WHILE, protecting New York from funding discrimination against the Ukrainian people is a compelling state interest;

SO NOWme, Kathy Hochul, Governor of New York State do hereby order, effective until the sanctions imposed by the federal government are no longer in effect, as follows:

  1. Definitions:

a. “Relevant State Entities” means (i) all agencies and departments over which the Governor exercises executive authority, and (ii) all public benefit corporations, public authorities, boards and commissions, for which the Governor appoints the Chairman, the Chief Executive Officer, or the majority of the members of the Board, except for the Port Authority of New York and New Jersey.

b. “Russian Entity” means an institution or company that is headquartered in Russia or has its principal place of business in Russia.

vs. “Support Entity” means any institution or company providing assistance to the Russian government in its campaign to invade the sovereign country of Ukraine, either through in-kind support or for profit.

  1. All Affected State Entities must review all investments and contracts for products, services, technology and construction to determine whether the Affected State Entity has investments or contracts with Russian and Support Entities.
  2. All affected state entities are invited, as far as possible:

a. to divest their money and assets of any investment in any institution or company determined to be a Russian or supporting entity and to refrain from making investments in such entities in the future; and

b. to terminate any contract with an institution or company that is considered a Russian or supporting entity and to refrain from entering into new contracts with such entities in the future.

4. Notwithstanding the foregoing, an Affected State Entity may invest in a Russian or Support Entity or enter into a contract with a Russian or Support Entity provided that the Head of the Affected State Entity determines by writing that the investment or contract is necessary for the affected State Entity to carry out its mission. functions and there is no suitable investment or contractual alternative.

GIVEN under my hand and the Privy Seal of the State in the City of Albany this twenty-seventh day of February in the year two thousand and twenty-two.


Governor’s Secretary

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