Searching for a job? Here is a list of local businesses that are hiring


IDAHO FALLS – Now that summer has arrived and COVID-19 restrictions are lifted, many of you may be looking for work.

Here is a list of several eastern Idaho companies that are currently hiring.

Idaho Foods

Idahoan Foods, one of Idaho Falls’ largest employers, is looking to hire 60 talented people, according to a press release from the company. They are mainly looking for people at the assistant operator level.

“Idahoan offers impressive growth opportunities in a junior team member’s first year of employment. Process Support employees have the opportunity to become an Operator Assistant, earning $ 16.75 per hour, after three months of experience, and to become an Operator, earning $ 20 per hour, over the course of their first year. Candidates with some experience often start in the role of assistant operator or operator, ”the press release said.

Idahoan Foods also increased the rate of pay for all hourly members of the operations team, effective June 27. The salary increase includes a 9.1% increase in the starting rate of the company’s entry-level operating position from $ 13.75 to $ 15 per hour.

“Recently, Idahoan introduced an employee recognition program, an improved vacation policy with more than two weeks of vacation, a quarterly bonus program, improved training opportunities and an employee referral bonus,” the report said. Press release. “In addition, Idahoan Foods offered a regular work schedule, which allows for more days off in a row and consistency, for several years. “

If you would like to apply or find out more, click here.

American staple foods

Basic American Foods in Blackfoot, Shelley and Rexburg is switching to regular shifts, rather than rotating shifts, for all employees starting in August. This change is accompanied by a wage increase for night workers. The starting hourly wage for night workers at Blackfoot and Shelley will be $ 16.16 per hour, and workers at Rexburg will be paid $ 16.27 per hour.

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The company also has 23 different positions that it is trying to fill. Visit the website to learn more.

Idaho State Police

Idaho State Police in Idaho Falls are starting their academy training this month and will not have a new hiring cycle until the spring of next year. But ISP spokesperson Chris Weadick told that they are always recruiting and looking for good candidates.

If you are interested in job opportunities at ISP, it invites you to sign up for email alerts so you know when the hiring cycle is going to take place.


Melaleuca currently has 169 open positions, of which 142 are hourly positions and 27 are salary positions. Positions range from entry level to managerial positions.

Visit the website to apply or learn more.

Western transport

Western Transport, a Bonneville County trucking company, is actively hiring drivers and dispatchers.

Security human resources director Don Best said hiring the right people has been a challenge lately and believes it could be related to the stimulus checks people received from the government during the pandemic.

“It probably put a damper on hiring around here. A lot of people who move to the area buy their homes with cash so they don’t have to look for work, ”says Best.

Those interested in applying can click here or visit the Facebook page.

Grocery stores and fast food outlets are always on the lookout for qualified candidates. Check with businesses in your community for more job opportunities.

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