Some Deere workers turn to temporary jobs to survive strike | Business and Economy


“I just hope they can come up with a quick fix for these people because a lot of them are going to start wrestling very soon,” Burns said.

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A worker at the John Deere parts distribution center in Milan said strike pay and savings were not enough to support his family, which includes two children. He started temporary work a few days after he went on strike.

“There are people who might be able to handle strike pay, but when you have a family, kids, all of that, it’s a little hard to just use $ 275,” the worker said. “For me it was obvious, just go out and find something.”

The UAW is offering weekly strike pay of $ 275 to union members after the eighth day of a strike. It is paid by the strike fund, which is made up of union dues. In order to be eligible, members must be in good standing with their union dues, on an active payroll at the time of the strike, and participating in the strike. If a member accepts a job that earns more than $ 275 per week, they must forgo strike pay.

Local unions are dispersing payments to their members, according to Brian Rothenberg, spokesperson for the UAW, who said the UAW strike fund had a balance of more than $ 790 million the last time it checked.

Even though he is no longer entitled to strike pay, the worker said part-time work allows him to “be ready to go” for the future.

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