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Over three years ago I did a segment on “Always Supporting Our Military” which is a real grassroots organization made up of all local volunteers who meet regularly and prepare packages to send to our military at the foreigner. These packages contain food, snacks, toiletries and more, with most if not all of these items being donated or via fundraising. A 501c3 organization, one of its biggest costs was postage, with each package costing about $20 to ship.

Well I have an update and it’s a good one and if there was ever a time we could use some good news it’s this one. This group of retirees was visited earlier this week by three senior Suez Water executives… Operations Manager Jim Mastrokalos, Local 503 Vice President Brett Stierle and Public Affairs Director Jane Kunka. The trio showed up at director Barbara Youmans’ home with a box of supplies and a check for $1,000 that will cover the shipping costs of 50 packages. This monetary donation from Suez Water and Union Local 503 certainly brought smiles to the dedicated volunteers.

Chances are pretty good that you don’t know “Always Support Our Military” very well, but you should and can make a real impact with any kind of donation. I have seen some of the letters they receive from members of our military stationed overseas and they are heartwarming and full of gratitude. To learn more and how you can help donate, visit their Facebook page or call (732) 349-0638.

Jim Mastrokalos (far left) and Brett Stierle of Suez Water present a check for $1,000 to Barbara Youmans

Jim Mastrokalos (far left) and Brett Stierle of Suez Water present a check for $1,000 to Barbara Youmans

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