Tempe Chamber of Commerce: 8 workplace trends employers and employees will embrace


What will be the main trends in the future workplace that employers and employees will adopt? To help business owners better adjust their policies and work plans after the pandemic, we asked CEOs and professionals this question for their best advice. From increasing insurance benefits to integrating mental health policies, there are several trends that can help you better embrace workplace trends for growing your business for years to come. Building a Stronger Work Culture It is increasingly important to focus on creating a strong culture centered on company and employee values. If employees feel they are supporting something worth doing and / or something that supports the values ​​and desires they have, they will be more loyal and involved in their work. Susan Walker, Walker Bookstore Workplaces have changed dramatically over the past year and I anticipate that many of these changes will continue into the long term. In particular: flexible work where staff can share time from home and office. It will also require changes in the way offices are organized and administered, as they will require flexible environments that can accommodate variations in staff and their unique day-to-day needs. Coworking spaces, modular workspace environments, etc. will become the new normal for many businesses. Mike Jones, Resound Each generation is becoming more and more familiar with the speed and efficiency of new technologies – no one wants to waste time. Future businesses and employees will understand that a quick and easy hiring process is essential. Whether it’s fast app features, social media apps, instant messengers, or artificial intelligence bots, keeping the hiring process fast and easy will result in a constant pool of qualified candidates. . Whether you are looking to hire internally, externally, or apply for a new role, taking advantage of new technologies will allow you to earn more in a competitive recruiting market. Matt Cuellar, United Dairymen of Arizona The first thing those of us on the professional staff see is “only consider remotely.” For tasks that can be done remotely (call center, customer support, most IT roles) as long as employees are performing and meeting KPIs, companies that do not authorize WFH will lose those employees. I believe employers are aware of this and will work to develop a model and method that works for their individual businesses. Employers and employees will work in unison to ensure that the work environment is clean, healthy and safe. Paul Quinn, R&K Professional Staffing 2020 has been a particularly difficult year for many families. With COVID-19, so many people have lost loved ones or experienced financial hardship without a safety net. Therefore, I would expect more workplaces to move to increase their insurance benefits in order to attract employees. The pandemic economy has shown us how important it is to invest in risk management insurance products to protect against death and loss of income. Brian Greenberg, Insurist 2020 has certainly forced many businesses to pivot quickly, but I think a lot of the change we’ve been through will be for the better! One trend that I think employers and employees will embrace is flexible working hours in the future. Working 9 to 5 was just not feasible or productive for many employees with children during the pandemic, and I think employers who offered flexible hours saw the benefits. From increased productivity to higher employee satisfaction scores, this trend is a win-win for everyone involved! Carey Wilbur, Charter Capital I am excited about the trends happening in the workplace this year. We have seen a huge shift towards remote working wherever possible and this is a trend that is expected to continue as well. According to the Conference Board, 36% of business leaders are open to hiring workers in the US or internally for work entirely remotely. But it’s also important to remember that as we embrace remote working, we also need to focus on creating opportunities and strategies to focus on mental health and maintain a work-life balance. This is more important than ever as people are likely to prioritize their family and personal needs, creating supportive business structures that will only have a positive impact on us by strengthening employees and teams. . Denise Gredler, BestCompaniesAZ An important trend for employers and employees is to create and nurture a virtual culture. Since moving to a 100% remote working environment, we’ve taken a close look at our employee engagement online. Although Zoom and Facetime exist, the daily moments of water cooling are much less. For some employees it works, but for others more virtual fun and connection is needed. We are building virtual traditions so that everyone feels more connected. Jenn Christie, Markitors Terkel creates community driven content with expert ideas. Register at terkel.io to answer questions and get published.

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