The 10 Highest Rated Companies for LGBTQ+ Workers, According to Glassdoor

Diversity, equity and inclusion have become one of the top priorities for professionals in the workplace today. But despite companies’ increased DEI efforts, many groups still face discrimination, including LGBTQ+ talent.

Glassdoor’s recent report, The LGBTQ+ Employee Experience, compiled data from 209,112 job reviews of full-time and part-time LGBTQ+ employees over the past year. The report found that overall, LGBTQ+ employees rate their company an average of 3.62 out of 5, which is 6% lower than non-LGBTQ+ employees (3.85 out of 5).

This number is even lower for transgender employees, who rate their employee experience at 3.43 out of 5, or 10.9% lower than non-LGBTQ+ employees. Additionally, LGBTQ+ employees are 128% more likely to discuss discrimination and burnout on Glassdoor than non-LGBTQ+ employees in 2022.

Although data shows that LGBTQ+ employees are less satisfied at work overall, some companies received high ratings for their LGBTQ+ talent.

According to Glassdoor’s report, here are the 10 highest-rated companies for LGBTQ+ workers:


Industry: Technology

LGBTQ+ employee rating: 4.38


Industry: Technology

LGBTQ+ employee rating: 4.35


Industry: Grocery retail

LGBTQ+ employee rating: 4.28


Industry: Retail trade

LGBTQ+ employee rating: 4.27

5. Deloitte

Industry: Professional services

LGBTQ+ employee rating: 4.17

6. Bath and body works

Industry: Retail trade

LGBTQ+ employee rating: 4.14

7. Progressive

Industry: Insurance

LGBTQ+ employee rating: 4.07


Industry: Technology

LGBTQ+ employee rating: 4.00

9.Walt Disney Company

Industry: Entertainment and media

LGBTQ+ employee rating: 3.93

10. Apple

Industry: Technology

LGBTQ+ employee rating: 3.91

According to the report, the top-rated industries for LGBTQ+ employees include real estate, information technology, legal, construction and energy. Retail and wholesale trade, food service, personal consumer services, health care and manufacturing were the lowest rated.

Glassdoor economist Daniel Zhao says employers should be doing more to ensure their DE&I efforts translate well to the workplace.

“Employers must ensure a fair and inclusive workplace for LGBTQ+ employees. Not only is it the right thing to do, it’s also good business,” he said in the report. “A 2019 Glassdoor survey found that 70% of LGBTQ+ employees wouldn’t apply to work at a company that doesn’t support its LGBTQ+ employees, so employers simply can’t afford to disregard their employees. LGBTQ+.”


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