The White Company Memory Foam Pillow: Comfort, Support, Price and More

Memory foam pillows can be a godsend for anyone who suffers from neck pain or needs a little extra support when sleeping. But let’s be honest, while a sturdy rectangular foam slab might be a dream to doze on, it doesn’t exactly make a freshly made bed particularly appealing.

This pillow from The White Company changes all that. Filled with shredded memory foam, it’s designed to conform to your shape and provide firm support whether you’re a front, back or side sleeper. Yet it looks just as plump and tempting as a traditional down pillow.

But can this versatile pillow really bridge the (sorry) gap between memory foam and down? We hit the hay with it to find out.

How we tested

We swapped out our usual pillow for this memory foam comfort pillow to see if it improved our sleep over several weeks. We tried sleeping on our sides, backs and fronts, propped it up behind us for reading in bed, and managed to sleep in on weekends to test if it was the pillow of our dreams.

We also judged whether it helped our lingering neck issues after long days at work, whether our head felt properly supported, and whether the pillow was comfortable enough to convince us to hit the snooze button one more time.

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(The White Company)

  • Dimensions: 45cm x 70cm
  • Filling: 100% memory foam clusters
  • Firmness: Solidify
  • Blanket: 55% polyester, 45% viscose from bamboo
  • Rating: 8/10

Firmness and comfort

We were amazed when we first unzipped this pillow from its storage bag. It’s nothing like a memory foam pillow, but it’s marshmallow soft with plenty of softness, so we found it hard to believe it would offer firm support as claimed. The polyester and bamboo outer cover is also wonderfully soft and is quilted for added luxury, making the pillow much more expensive than it is.

Once in bed, we were surprised at the support the pillow provided. Our head felt cradled but sunk into the pillow a lot more than we’re used to with memory foam so you could easily believe it was filled with fluff a la square.

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Because the memory foam inside is torn into individual pieces rather than one solid block, it’s easy to inflate into any position you like and really delivers that delicious plumped up feeling. We felt it was closer to medium/firm than firm overall.

We also didn’t suffer from the overheating often associated with memory foam pillows. The shredded memory foam allows air to flow freely while the bamboo in the outer cover is naturally breathable, so we were perfectly cool all night.

Sleeping station

Since this pillow isn’t as firm as the other options we’ve tried, we think it would be a good choice no matter how you sleep. Although front sleepers may prefer a flatter profile, the fact that the shredded memory foam can be moved around to accommodate any position means this pillow will perform even if you toss and turn all night.

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We prefer to sleep on our sides and felt the decent loft suited our position just fine, so we were happy to forego our usual second pillow underneath. It was even more comfortable when lying on your back and it was especially great for sitting down to read or lingering over a morning coffee.


There’s also no need to worry if down exacerbates your allergies. The pillow is hypoallergenic so won’t cause any respiratory issues, making it ideal if you yearn for the decadence of down but need to choose a synthetic alternative instead. Bamboo is also used in the viscose blanket and is naturally antibacterial to provide protection against nighttime nasties like dust mites.

Respect the environment

We were delighted to discover that the viscose in the pillow cover is made from bamboo rather than cotton, a sustainable plant that renews itself quickly.

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However, memory foam itself is very difficult to recycle and there is no mention of specific memory foam recycling initiatives on The White Company’s website. Furthermore, the company has a strong sustainability policy, which includes plans to achieve net zero carbon emissions by 2040 and use fully traceable farm and forest products by 2025.


The cover can be machine washed and even tumble dried, so it’s easy to freshen it up whenever you want. But please note that the memory foam core can’t be washed, but it can be cleaned in emergency. And since the memory foam is shredded rather than solid, we also found that it benefited from a really quick plumping each morning when making the bed to keep it from looking lumpy.


At £45 we felt the Memory Foam Comfort Pillow was a decent price to combine the plush feel of down (more expensive) with the support of memory foam and the reliable quality of The White Company. You probably won’t need a second pillow with this too, so it’s worth trying just one before splurging on two. In addition, The White Company regularly offers discount codes to reduce the price even further.

The Verdict: The White Company Memory Foam Comfort Pillow

It was by far the most comfortable memory foam pillow we have ever tried. If you’ve avoided in the past for fear of getting stuck with a rock-hard block, this will change your mind overnight. It’s wonderfully comfortable so you never want to get out of bed, but the innovative memory foam means neck pain will be a thing of the past. A great reason for a festive lie-in, we think…

The White Company Memory Foam Comfort Pillow

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