TikTok employees will return to the office 3 days a week


In a message viewed by Reuters, TikTok said it will allow its employees to stay home two days a week once they return to the office in person. The company will also let each manager decide whether their employees can work full time from home.

The policy will apply to all workers and interns in the US, UK and Ireland. So far, they are working completely remotely and haven’t said when they plan to return.

The Chinese company hired thousands of people during the pandemic, according to the post. Many employers believe that their subordinates do not wish to return to work in person, which is why a hybrid model has been proposed to facilitate re-entry into the world of work as we knew it in 2019.

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“There is no substitute for in-person collaboration and we are delighted to reopen our offices in the United States. However, it is clear that many of us have adapted well to working from home and appreciate flexibility and balance, ”the internal company message reads.

The United States is one of the biggest markets for TikTok, and the company has offices in Los Angeles, New York, Mountain View, and Austin. Given the success of vaccination in the country, many businesses are already operating normally. Google and Twitter employees in the United States have already returned to the office on Monday, and more tech companies are expected to slowly follow suit.

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